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Auto glass is a crucial safety component of any vehicle, protecting passengers from external elements while on the road. There are two types of auto glass: laminated glass and tempered glass. Tempered glass breaks into smaller, less sharp fragments compared to regular glass when broken, making it safer in the event of an accident. On the other hand, laminated glass includes a PVB layer that can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, shielding passengers from skin damage.

To maintain the safety and longevity of auto glass, proper maintenance is necessary. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent is recommended, while abrasive cleaners should be avoided to prevent scratches. Checking for chips and cracks regularly is important as minor damage can spread and compromise the glass. Parking in a shaded area helps reduce the risk of heat damage, and replacing worn windshield wipers regularly is essential to maintain clear visibility through the windshield. Slamming doors should be avoided to prevent vibrations that can cause damage.

In conclusion, maintaining auto glass is crucial to ensure its safety and longevity. By following these tips, drivers can help protect themselves and their passengers on the road.